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Since time immemorial, human beings have been depending heavily on forests for food, medicine, shelter, wood and fuel. With growing civilization the demands for raw materials like timber, pulp, minerals, fuel, etc., shoot up resulting in large scale mining, road building and clearing of forests. Our forests contribute substantially to our national economy. Excessive use of fuel wood and charcoal, expansion of urban, agricultural and industrial areas have together led to over exploitation of our forests leading to their rapid depletion. We should conserve forests as it is the place of many wildlife species and protect their natural habitat. It should be conserved to protect the loss of biodiversity and genetic diversity. It also regulates the hydrological cycle. Soil erosion can also be prevented if we conserve forests. Climatic changes and global warming can also be combatted if we conserve forests.
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Its true that trees and nature are the greatest gift to mankind because -
What would we need to start a good day ?a good day is always start with a good morning so for making our morning good we need fresh air ,beautiful chirping of birds and nice smell . And we get all these things from trees and nature so just think if they can make our morning too good so what can they do in the whole day.
For example -they give us clothes ,houses ,medicines ,wood , and the most important things that we need to survive our life - oxygen ,water and food.
They also protect us from many natural disaster like -floods .
and also protect us from Global Warming .so if a tree and nature can help us ,protect us in too many things and also give us . in short you can say the things we need to survive our life are all come from trees and nature .so we should also help the nature by not destroying trees and forests ,not to cut them and plant more trees .
          Don't worry ,be tension free
         Plant a tree ,be pollution free !

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