State Giving reasons whether the following statements are correct or not. 1 our surrounding area should be free from stagnant water . 2 staying clean is not necessary as long as you eat a balanced diet. 3 social equality and Harmony Are necessaryfor good health



1..this is because when the water is standing in our surroundings it becomes breeding ground of various harmful micro organisms and mosquitos that can cause dangerous diseases....
2..the main cause of our falling ill is the weakened immunity system..if we will take proper balanced diet then our immunity system will remain strong and it will increase the power of our body's disease fighting cells(White blood cells) we will not catch diseases easily. but rather than eating balanced diet clean surrounding is must.... equality and harmony are also necessary for good health because it is found that social conditions also effect human's mind and as well as health..due to presence of peace and harmony mind will remain calm..and it is also found that stress also weakens the human body and also effect growth and development of humans..
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1. It's correct as in stagnant water mosquitos breed n thus can cause various types of diseases. 2. It's incorrect becoz balanced diet provides u different type of nutrition n if u don't stay clean ur body will be a host for diff types of diseases.. N thus a person can fall I'll easily. 3. It's correct as acc to definition of health it is a state of being well enough to function socially mentally n physically thus social equality n harmony are necessary. Social harmony n equality will provide peace to mind n person will be relaxed.
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