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Earthworm are hermaphrodite i.e. they have both male female sexual organ.They have 1 or 2 pair of testes contained within the sac.The 2 or 4 pair of seminal vesicles produce,store and release sperm via the male pore.Ovaries,oviduct in segment 13 release egg via female pore on segment 14 and sperm is expelled from segment 15.some species use external spermatophore for sperm transfer.copulation and reproduction are separate process in earth worms.some time after copulation,long after the worm have separated,the citellum secretes material which forms a ring around the worm.The worm then back out of the ring,as it does so it injects its own egg and others sperm into it.As the worms slips out of the ring,the end of the cocoon seals to form a lemon shaped incubator which the embryonic worm develop.They emerge as small,but fully formed earthworm,but lack their sex character,which develop in about 60 to 90 days. they attain their full size in year. 

earthworm also reproduce by regeneration but this ability varies between species and depend on the extent of the damage.