Start with laws of mass  order and youtube for 12th classes lecture;also chek IIT level lectures..

for this chapter majority goes to equations in entrance...for 12th theory is very important,like different order rxn..but for exam.. order-concentraton related problems are asked..
1. order(0,1,2,3,psudo) most imprt
2 molecularity
3.half life of mass action+concentration
5.rate of rxn
6.rate const
7.slow step rxn
8.activation energy
9.arrhenius eqution
10.order reactions byhearting imrt
are main concepts of this chapter...
not try to byheart these theories ,just understand what it means...
actually we feel this chapter is tough but if understand concept the chapter is very very easy!i recommend to practice problematic the  concepts be come crystal clear..
0 check this lecture this also help you in yr studies
any more doubt??