Myopia...Person suffering from myopia can only see near objects but not far ones..
...eyeball becomes longer than its actual size i.e. distance between eye lens and retina is more than normal distance..
...focal length of eye lens is smaller than its normal focal length..

A person suffering from hypermetropia can see distant objects comfortably but can't see near by objects distinctly.
....the curvature of eye lens us too small,as a result of which the focal length becomes too long than normal..
....eye ball is shortened ...
i have heard about many of them I'll tell you like... ...we should walk on grass wet with fog in morning without any foot wear... ...early morning when sun is of orange like colour..every day just look at Sun at that time for at least 40 seconds.. should eat green chillies.. the best way is to do PRANAYAAM.. you can search it on youtube that how to do this if you dont know.. you know.. I can't explain here.
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