Solve This: A man locked his personal computer with a password and wrote some phrases in the hint box. One day his wife tries to login in his absence using the hints which contained the following: 4 grapes 1 apple 7 bananas 7 mangoes 2 pineapples 1 orange 8 pomegranates What is the password? IAS question............



4 Grapes
Matlab 4th position pr jo alphabet hai that is (P)
1 Apple
1st alphabet that is (a)
7 Bananas 
7th alphabet that is (s)
7 mangoes
7th alphabet that is (s)
2 pineapples 
2nd alphabet that is (I)
1 Orange 
1st alphabet that is (o)
8 Pomegranates 
8th alphabet that is ( n )
That is Passion
2 5 2
The answer is passion.
4 letter in word grape : p 
so if you do this for every number and fruit you get passion