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One day, my mother,my two sisters and I were were returning from our grandma's house in a village bus. One man got into the bus with two cocks in his hands . Our family is a vegetarian family. My sister and I were sitting at the front of the bus. The man was standing with the cocks in his hands for a long time. I think his hands were paining. There was some gap near our legs. Then he tried to keep those cocks whose legs were tied to each other. My sister and I hadn't even touch cocks ever. When he came to keep them near us, i and my sister screamed loudly. The driver had stopped the bus . All the people in the bus were thinking what happened.when they came to know about this, all of them laughed at us. The driver asked us if we were vegetarians. We nodded our heads. Driver didn't scold us and he started the bus. When we reached home we too laughed thinking how crazy we behaved.
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One day my family made plan to ho to a trip to Chenni it was five days trip on the journey my father said to play song game we all were shouting and enjoying it was most funny. I laughed so badly that till now I nor my family had launched like that it was full of enjoyment. That day was my favourite day till now .that day I and my family was in full of entertainment. Really that day was my laughter day.