Why does time slow down near a black hole and stop completely inside it.

The last time I asked this question it was deleted. It is not any random data I am giving only of my views. I had read this fact in a book and now I want to know the reason.

from which book did you read it
It is named 'Over 500 Facts' It was publihed by spider publications.


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I too was confused........... Actually, a black hole is something that pulls every object near it with alot^1000000 of force such that nothing can escape. Even things like light which do not have mass cannot escape it. Time, which is a component of spacetime stops inside it....... then why does not space be pulled along too? These things are very complex...... Some questions are meant to be left unanswered
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Other than  massive gravitational force of black holes we do not have much information about them but I can not believe we will be in slow motion near a black hole.