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Nationalism in Europe is the chapter in which we have discussed how people was struggling for their freedom and we have also focused on some great leaders and some rulers leaders like Gussippe Mazzine and rulers like Nepolean Bonapatry 
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This chapter will deal with many of the issues visualized by sorrieu. during the 19th cen, nationalism emerged as a force which brought about sweeping changes in the political and mental world of Europe. the end result of these changes was the emergence of the nation -state in place of the multi- national dynastic empires of Europe. the concept and practices of a modern state, in which centralized power exercised sovereign control over a clearly defined territory, had been developing over a long period of time in Europe. but a nation-state was one in which the majority of its citizens, and not only it's rulers, came to develop a sence of common identity and shared history or descent. this commonness did not exist from time immemorial; it was forged through struggles, through the actions of leaders and the common people . this chapter will look at the diverse processes through which nation - States and nationalism came into being in nineteenth -century Europe.