The forest act completely disturbed the lives of all the pastoralists. Due to the forest protection act, they could no longer depend upon the forest for their daily needs. They could no longer get the grazing lands for their survival. AsĀ  a result the cattle population decreased. Since they were highly dependent upon their cattle for livelihood,they suffered a lot. They were no longer allowed to enter certain areas without prior permission.They also suffered due to the large amount of revenue collection by the British.
The lives of the pastoralists were most affected during droughts. Drought is a period when a region notes deficiency in its water supply whether surface or underground water. Generally, this occurs when a region receives consistently below average precipitation. The lives of the pastoralists are traditionally nomadic. they move from place to place to find forage and feed fodder to their cattle. In times of drought, their lives change in the following manner: 1) there is a steady decrease in the quality and quantity of animal stock 2) The sources of income shrink 3)they had to go look for work in towns doing odd jobs like charcoal burners.