Me:ramesh my friend how are you?
Ramesh:i'm fine.hey you want some chips that my mother gave me.
Me:thank you.
(ramesh after eating throws his chips here and there and he throws the cover on the street)
Me:hey!ramesh its a bad habit of you.I'm seeing it second time throwing it.Now pick it up and throw it in dusbin over there.
Ramesh:dont worry the GHMC people will clean it.
Me:oh ya they will clean but we have thrown it and we should pick it now pick and throw it in the waste paper basket.
(I told him angrily and he picks up and throws it.).
Ramesh:Now what?
Me:ramesh from next time please dont litter on the roads.because the litter can cause deadly diseases by futher decomposition.
Ramesh:thank you my friend for telling me this i never know this. from next time i will not throw any thing on the streets.. ok!.
Me:its ok but from next time dont throw it.our GHMC people are finding difficult to clean the from now if you see some one littering you tell them that "please dont litter" in a polite way.
ramesh:now can we all pick up the things which are thrown in these street.
Me:hey!thats a good idea.lets pick up.our prime minister also started a abhyan called swach bharat abhyan. so from now lets keep india cleen and green.lets plant more trees.