Of course facebook kills face to face conversation kills. They very name of facebook is ironical in my opinion.In facebook, you get the chance to meet the person. Only if you see their eyes and talk, you will trust that person. You can become more confident with the number of real friends you make. Facebook friends are like passing clouds. You don't develop the soft skills on chatting. If you meet a person in reality, you greet them and ask about their well being and the conversation takes off. But  facebook does not pave way for these sort of conversation skills.People have the mentality that they can be however they want in facebook.In my opinion facebook is like a wall, you sit on it,comment people and get poked by strangers. Hence facebook kills face to face conversations.
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If u think fb kills a real conversation, its real stupid. caz when u chat on fb it means u have no time to meet that person n thats y using fb which means it is helping in some conversation rather than no conversation!!