Brucellish K Sangma is a Garo poet. Hence she hails from the state of Meghalaya in north-eastern India. She is one of the most eminent among Garo women poets. Not much is known about her. The “K” in Sangma’s name stands for Koksi, her clan name, and it suggests that she is quite proud of her heritage. She has done her Masters in English Literature. Her career as Director of State Educational Research and Training, Government of Meghalaya ended in 2005, when she retired.

 Brucellish K Sangma is a Garo poet. Therefore she comes from north-eastern india, Megalaya. She is one of the more well known Garo woman. The 'K' in her name stands for 'Koksi' which is her clan name.It also gives us the feeling that she proud of being part of her clan.For her career, she used to be the Director of State Education Research and Training of Meghalaya until she retired in 2005.

Some of her famous poems include 'A Pair of Spectacles', 'My Window Seat', 'The Lord's Burden', etc. Her poems were originally written in Garo although she translated them later so that readers outside her state could read them as well