(1) Evaporation of perspiration cools our bodies.
(2) Evaporation of water from the earth keeps the air moist and provides the moisture for clouds. Thus evaporation has an important influence on weather and climate.
(3) It is important also in air conditioning, refrigeration, and distilling. Substances are evaporated in a partial vacuum to speed evaporation or to prevent deterioration by heat. Instant coffee and frozen orange juice are evaporated in this way, and so are blood plasma, vaccines, and antibiotics such as penicillin. Camphor is purified by sublimation.
(4) In industry, the principles of evaporation and refrigeration are used to great extent in the treatment, separation, handling and storage of materials in any of the three states of matter - Solid, Liquid or Gas. Distillation concerns the separation of liquid mixtures by evaporation processes.
(5) Evaporation of sea water to produce salt
(6) Evaporation ponds are used to prevent pesticides, fertilizers and salts from agricultural wastewater from contaminating the water bodies they would flow into.

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Evaporation is used to distill water in many places.

to run turbines to generate electricity...
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