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road not taken is about decision of your life how you can know which decision is right or which is wrong its about human confusion when it comes in between two decisions and choose it way it have two way hard or simple . both way goes in diff. aim one is difficult but have a good future another is simple having a struggling future
The speaker  walks in a forest and comes to a point where the road diverges. he sees both the road for a long time. he takes the road which wasn't much travelled.he wants to travel in both the road but chooses the road less travelled. he continues  walking in one of the road. but when he walks on the road he feels that he should have taken the other. he says that after ages he would say with a feeling that two roads diverged one day and i took the one which has been less travelled.

the writer says that we shoul take right decision after much anlysis and should never feel later for the decision you have taken.