Write a brief critical appreciation of each passage in about250 words each:a) The most embarrassing moment of my sophomore year was how I earned my nick name,Crash. It all started right after school when I turned on to the busiest street by theschool. First I pulled up right behind this truck at a stop sign. After a second, a fellowolder student told me that I was really close and that I was going to hit the truck in frontof me. At the moment I was trying to tell the kid whom I was giving a ride to, to getback in the car because he was hanging out of the window. Since I was distracted, Ithought the long line of traffic had started to move, but it hadn’t. In the blink of an eye Ihit the back of the truck in front of me. The devastation sunk in. I was so worried that Idamaged the truck, but all that I did was scratch his bumper. Lucky for him! Then itwas time to look at my car. My car was ruined. The hood was buckled, the front endwas pushed back, and my headlights were broken. Humiliated and scared, I still had todrive my bashed -up car home. During School that year, I never did hear the end ofwhat had happened that day.



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