Algae are the main source of productivity in sea. they prepare there own food with the help of photosynthesis. they are food for many small  aquatic animals living in the sea. hence the algae is food for small fishes and small fishes are food for big fishes. it is like a food chain. hence we can say if there were no algae there would be no fish in the sea.
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there are know algae in sea have you seen something green floating over sea waves and for photosynthesis there are aquatic plants and coral reefs the algaes do not exsist in sea
they exist man
they are really there in sea.. its right that it cant be seen on the top but they are really present in there
if u say no thn wat r seaweeds can u ans me
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The algae in sea are known as sea the algae can photosynthesis they produce oxygen which help in breathing of aquatic animals.
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