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Having interest in all subject is good , but from 11th a student with 10cgpa fails in other subject if he takes science.

You can go for Commerce , because it's easy and you could easily score marks.
I am a commerce student , So I would suggest you to take Commerce.

Every science student can become engineer or doctor , but in today's market to become Engineer and Doctor you have to work very hard it is very time taking  .

For Being an successful engineer or Doctor you really wait for 6 and 8 yrs respectively.

And if you take commerce you can go any field and you can easily earn money.

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In science field, there is MUCH MORE than just the rotten engineering and medical...There are many many more interesting things to do in this field. If you have vigour to do something new, science is the best. In commerce, being a CA is being awesome... In arts, take the highest degree and start teaching...But rather than arts, commerce and science is good.

I am sure that u may not be having interest in languages or SST specifically. If u have, take arts. If not, go into science or commerce.

I prefer science, there are many opportunities for career there in future NOT ONLY engineering and medical. For being cautious about future, science maybe a good field to go in.
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