I saw a man in the corridor....when I went up to him to ask whether he saw the ball or not he didn't say a word and turned away.... I stood there alone wondering why the man wouldn't say a word.
Than I turned and continue to search for the ball ...... than after some time the man was standing near the window murmuring to himself this made me more curious..... so I went and talk to the man for the second time. This time he answered saying he did not see any ball and rushed to the other room.... as if he saw something behind me... I did not understand why he acted so weird .... than I decided to go since I couldn't find the ball..
As I was on my way out of the building I meet a lady so I ask her whether she saw a ball or not and she replied "is this your ball " with the ball in her hand .. I took it, thank her and apologised for making her take the trouble. As I was about to leave something struck my mind and I turned and ask her who the man was in her house... to my surprised she answered that there was no one in the house and said that the house was going to be demolished today itself as it was very old...
I asked again whether there was any man inspecting the house and she said no.... then I thank her and left without turning back...
I didn't say anything to my friends about this as they won't believe me.
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