Corporal Turnbull had come to deliver a lecture on the hand granade. Though young, “he was not a man to be trifled with”. He had come back from Dunkirk (France). He had “his equipment correct and accounted for and his kitten in his pocket”. He was a hero figure for the whole platoon. Highly admired, he was personified by saying that he was so tough that one could hammer nails into him without his noticing it. Such remarks make it clear that Corporal Turnbull was a tough and rugged man. Also, it can be observed that Turnbull was a no-nonsense and a fastidious person. He was not a person who would patronise people who showed off their knowledge. He was a man who believed in discipline and who patiently observed and then approached a person decidedly. Turnbull was a composed man, not to be easily provoked. However, though calm on surface, he played his turn well. When the time came, he taught Quelch a lesson for lifetime.

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