Sapno ke se din is a short story written be Gurdial Singh. This story comprises of the author\'s childhood memories. He tell about how he and his friends use to play in dirt and tear off the already torn clothes . How he use to get cuts and bruises . When the children use to go back home after playing , they use to get scolding from their mother and sister instead for getting care. And if a child \'s father was very strict , the was beaten up badly and the father never use to notice from where the blood was coming. Even after getting so much of beating, they again use to go back and play . The author then tells about his school life and how many students never use to like to go , and those who might just go , use to throw their bags somewhere and never go back to school. Even the parents never forced the children to go to school. The parents did like to spend money of the children\'s education. In the author\'s family he was the first one to go to school and receive education. Author\'s family use to only spend about Rs.1-2 per year on author\'s education. Author got the new class books from his very friendly and lovely teacher named SHARMA JI. Sharma ji use to get these books from a child of a rich family who was studying one class ahead of the author. In authors school , there was a P.T teacher named Pritam Chand who was compltely opposite of sharma ji. He was very strict and wanted discipline . Author was very scared of going to a higher class as he felt that there would be much difficult study and more scolding from the teacher. But even after such fear he use to love going to school for several other reasons. He use to love the scouting . When