3.1. In grasshoppers, the body color of brown is dominant over green. Also, having strong legs is dominant over having weak legs. A heterozygous brown, homozygous strong-legged male meets a heterozygous brown, homozygous weak legged female. They produce a number of offspring. Complete the following. a. Possible genotypes for Brown body color: ________ Green body color: _______ b. Possible genotypes for Strong legs: _________ Weak legs: _________ c. Male genotype: _____________ Male possible gametes: _______________ d. Female genotype: ___________ Female possible gametes: ______________ F1 generation and F2 Generation.



Let B represent brown colour and b represent green color
L represent strong legs and l represent weak leg
parents male(BbLL) ×female(Bbll)
1)a.)brown body color;  BBLL,BbLL,BbLl,Bbll
2)green body color;  bbLL,bbLl,bbll

3)b.)strong legs;  BBLL,BbLL,bbLl
4)weak legs;  BBll,Bbll,bbll

c.)male parent genotype;BbLL
gametes male; BL,bL

d.) female parent genotype; Bbll
gametes; Bl,bl

(A) Brown colour :- BB and Bb and Green colour :- bb.
(B) Strong Legs :- SS and Ss and Weak legs :- ss.
(C) Male Genotype :- BbSS and Male Gamates :- BS and bS.
(D) Female Genotype :- Bbss and Female Gamate :- Bs and bs.

F1 Generation :- BBSs, BbSs; BbSs and bbSs.
F2 Generation :- there will be variety of combination in the F2 Generation depending upon the cross is made between which of the offspring of F1 Generation.

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