The sound [i:] is represented by the letter E
(A) me, he, she, we,  eve,  theme, scene,  precede.Here it is represented in the open syllable of the root.
equal, evening, evil,  region, meter, secret, female, legal, genius, senior, premium, previous.Here it is present in the initial of the root as an open syllable.
 Japanese, Vietnamese,  Portuguese, Lebanese, manganese.Here it is represented as the first letter in suffix 'ese'
prehistoric, preoccupy, prepay, react, rewrite, remake.Here it is represented in the prefixes 'pre' and 're'.
remove, repair,  reply, prepare, prevent, presume. Here it is represented as a short sound in the prefixes 'pre' and 're'.
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Police , japnese , vergese. me
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