Please read the following story and give the answer of the following question.
Story: Ginger
I could never quite tell how it came about; he had only just mounted me on the training ground, when something I did put him out of temper, and he chucked me hard with the rein. The new bit was very painful, and I reared up suddenly, which angered him still more, and he began to flog me. I felt my whole spirit set against him, and I began to kick, and plunge, and rear as I had never done before, and we had a regular fight; for a long time he stuck to the saddle and punished me cruelly with his whip and spurs, but my blood was thoroughly up, and I cared for nothing he could do if only I could get him off. At last after a terrible struggle I threw him off backward. I heard him fall heavily on the turf, and without looking behind me, I galloped off to the other end of the field; there I turned round and saw my persecutor slowly rising from the ground and going into the stable.
Q1) Ginger said her master did not ill- use her, but he did not care for her.
what does she mean by this?
Q2) why did she think all boys were her enemy?
Q3) when,as a young horse , was ginger most content?
Q4) In the third main paragraph she says this was the first experience i had of mens kindness.
she was being sarscastic. What does sarcastic mean?
Q5) why was the man who was trying to break in ginger called Samson?
Q6) why was she so upset that he described her as horse-flesh ?

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