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                                                                                 Sunday 25th April 2015
Dear Diary,
Today was my birthday.It was one of my memorable and most colorful days of my life that i won't forget.Actually it was a surprise for me.When i woke , it seemed that everyone forgot the specialty of that day.I was , u know , so sad that i didn't say or talked much to anyone.But to my surprise , my dad asked me for going on an outing. I said okay and when i came back it was like the house was totally deserted and the lights were off even though it was late.I wondered what happened to all and then suddenly my dad too disappeared.I was so frightened that i started to imagine that our whole family was captured and taken by the aliens. But suddenly the lights came out of nowhere and their they were standing , my whole family singing 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'.I was so relieved ,that i couldn't hold my cries. I burst out of tears and was at the same time soo happy.we all enjoyed a lot.And dad even booked tickets for Australia.It was so remarkable that if i could time travel , i would like to go back to that moment.So it's late and u would probably be sleepy.Well goodnight and have tight sleep dear diary.