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Hormones are secreted by endocrine cells. 
Hormones are chemical messengers.
The are chemical signals that circulate in the body fluids. 
The hormones regulate the behavior of the target cells. 
Hormones, unlike enzymes do not catalyze any reaction. 
They are secreted only when needed, they are not stored prior to requirement. 
Hormones may be proteinaceous or non-proteinaceous in nature (amino-acids or steroids). 
The secretion of hormones is regulated by the nervous system through the feed back effect. 
Hormones usually cause long term effects like change in behavior, growth, etc.
The hormones function is to stimulate or inhibit the target organs. 

*Hormones are non nutrient chemicals.
*They act as intercellular messengers.
*They are produced in very small quantities.
*They are complex organic molecules.