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My dear Grand Father,

I would like to tell you that I have read a book Last Monday. The Name of that book  was Abhigyanm Sakuntalam.The book such amazing that it touched my bottom of heart.I wish i could buy a copy of that book but due to some financial problems i couldn't buy it. Some of it's contents contains a large amount of general knowledge which would help me rest of my life. It is a famous book of India.It is written by Kalidasha. By reading this book i can gain a lot of knowledge  about the history of the
Gupta period of India which would help me in competitive exams & Board exams.I think if you could give me some financial assistance i could buy that book. Hope to hear from you soon

Your beloved Grand son ,

i can understood what you told
srryy i can't understood what you told
you have to tell about the main character of the book u read and its genre etc which will show that u have read the book in detail
because somewhat u r giving information too
Raja Dushmanta & Sakuntala