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Increase the productivity of the nation- food crops must be produced at higher rate to feed all the people of the nation. Healthy food crops must be cultivated by applying biotechnology and latest inventions in it. Make an effective providing sector for food. Food products must be made available to all the people effectively. They must be given to poor section of society at free of cost or at low costs which should be affordable by them. Control the population rate. Population rate should be controlled. Increase in number of individuals in a nation increases the use of natural resources and this will be leading to exploitation. So it will be a really great challenge to produce all those amounts if food crops for feeding the whole people. The lwer sections of the society should be provided with jobs and other basic opportunities so that they can earn a good living. This will in turn reduce the poverty.
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1. People shud remember d pt. of "EACH ONE, TECH ONE". 2. Beggars shud be given jobs such as vendors, tea stalkers,etc. 3. Illiteracy shud be prevented. 4. Poor farmers shud be given loans at low interest rates. Hope I helped u.. Plzz mark as the BRAINLIEST answer..
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