The  carrom game is over 100 years old and is made by merdel game company in  ludigton  michigan. you can play over 100 games in carrom board. there are 29 pieces in the game of carroms . it is a game played like a pool except you only  have 4 pockets. mrs. nordine's  and mrs. hill's classes at lake view school had a carrom  tournament  .the winners from the classes are  blake  healy and  matt  hughes. we even got to play against our principle , mr pierce   and we both beat him.
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CARROM is a very interesting game of Eastern Origin . The game is usually played on a wooden board. It is played with a striker and small disks of wood commonly known as 'Carrom Men'. Carrom men are like this---- Yellow-- 20 marks,,,, Black-- 10 marks,,,, Queen of pink/red colour--- 50 marks. At the four corners of carrom there are nets in which carrom men gets strucked and the points are earned by the player. A carrom powder is also used to make the surface smooth for the easy moment of striker and carrom men. You should play this game as it becomes interesting if played well.
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