Q. Convert to indirect."Can I have a bicycle for my birthday? "asked Mathew.
2."I have a bad headache, so I think I will lie down, said Mr. Dean.
3."The days are certainly getting longer, "remarked Mr. Caldwell.
4."Do you know how to play darts, , Roger? "asked David.
5."You look as if you could do with a good holiday, "said Mrs. Smith to her son.
6. Peter, tuck your shirt in!" ordered his mother.
7."Come inside, Mrs. Dale,"invited the old lady,"and have tea with us."



1.Mathew asked that,"can he have a bycycle on his birthday".
2.Mr.dean said "he had a bad headache,so he thought that he will lie down".
3.Mr.caldwell remarked that "the school days ate certainly getting longer".
4.David asked roger that "did he know how to play darts?".
5.Mrs.smith said to his son that "he looked as if he could do with a good holiday".
6.Mother ordered to peter "to tuck his shirt in!"
7.Mr.dale said to the old lady" come inside and have tea with them".