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Incidents do not often happen to me... here is a made up incident

Teenagers are adolescents who have a lot of hormone secretion going on.So they ought to go crazy,mad,stupid at times and time again.Some parents understand this [email protected] a lot, but some just dont!Maybe they dont want to.
At this peculiar age, teenagers are real attracted to the opposite sex,that aint bad unless you get in some big trouble baby :3

Once a kid,who just turned a teen was exploring his limits.After being a preteen for like 11-12 years, he was all set to enter teenage,to feel change..
He was quite obsessed with books and stuff.Peer pressure dreaded him like a fly caught inside a spider's cob web.And friends mocked at him for not being good at sports.All this could lead this little person into something big crime..maybe petty or sometimes when this becomes a routine..HUGE!
So,parents need to understand that at this age,kids tend to go mad at times,give em a lil time to cope up with teenage...
well, all is a part of growin up,aint it?


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