Take two glasses filled with water. put a drop of blue or red ink slowly and carefully along the sides of the first beaker and honey in the same way in the second beaker. leave them undisturbed in your house or in a corner of the class. record your observation. what do you observe immediately after adding the ink drop. what do you observe immediately after adding a drop of honey? how many hours or days does it take for the colour of ink to spread evenly throughout the water?



Honey does not mix with. water easily it takes approximately 1hour to dissolve in water but ink mix in water even in 10-15min
when immediately the ink is dropped the ink starts diffusing into the water, the ink dissolves quickly into the water. 

when we immediately add a drop of honey to the water the honey does not dissolve into the water. the dissolving capacity of honey is very less in water when compared to that of the ink. 

it would approximately take  5 to 7 minutes to the color to diffuse totally  and evenly into the water.