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firstly himalayas,
this is one of the northern mountains of the north which are young fold comprising mainly 3 almost parallels ranges with intervening valleys.3 northen mountains includes thehimalayas ,the trans himalayas ranges and the eastern hills or purvachal!!!!

there are western and eastern coastal plains.western costal plains strectes From kuchchh in the northern gujarat to kanniyskumari whereas the eastern coastal plains stretches from the mouth of the river Ganga to kanyakumari between the eastern ghats and bay of bengal.the eastern coastal strip is broader than western coastal strip and is continuous!!

There are number of small islands in the bay of bengal ,arabian sea and the gulf of mannar.the andaman and nicobar island extends for a length of more than 500km.the ten degree channel separates andaman group from nicobar islands.barren islands are the volcanic origin.the lakshadweep island in the arabiAn sea are 36tiny islands of coral origin located about 350km off the kerela coast.!!!!!
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