Write a composition in about 300 words on any one of the following 1. Impact of social media such as face book, twitter etc. On our social life. 2. English as an international language. 3. The bravest person i know. 4. The importance of educating the girl child.



Social Media: Friend or Foe?

The issue over Social Media abuse is practically the topic among today's people. In these talks, Social Media, mainly Facebook, is categorized as a mean of abuse and mental stress primarily to the youth. In these talks, adults tell youths that Social Media is bad, and the youth in turn hold the other horse. Is SM good? Or is it bad?

The answer is neither. SM can be used anyway you want.

SM can be used as an efficient and time-saving way of reaching out a method to an audience. This kind of communication empowers youths to interact with people, and learn new things. The youth also learn to respect the opinions of others through this kind of information exchange. Several sites like Twitter and LinkedIn are very useful in one's life, be it youth or aged, in collaborating and doing good things.

However, it can be used the other way also. SM can be a successful way to abuse, verbally or mentally, the youth and old alike. It can also increase hyper-tension and pave way to several diseases like ADD or ADHD. It also is a mean of sharing and passing around negative values, pornography, swear words and negative mental strength to resist the right. It also can be a mean of transferring several bugs, viruses and malicious software.
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