Good morning everyone . I stand before you to give the ideal of Youth realising the dreams of Abdul Kalam . YOU HAVE TO DREAM BEFORE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE , this is his famous quote .Through this quote he awakens the youth to form an ideal interest to dream for  your goal .
MAN NEEDS HIS DIFFICULTY BECAUSE THEY ARE NECESSARY TO ENJOY SUCCESS . His thought was that youth should awaken themselves realise and dream for their goals. Not only dreaming but also making the dreams come true is the most important thing in our lives . We have to struggle hard for our dreams to come true, for our success to be gained , for our goal to be reached . These efforts will help us to enjoy the success. 
We should be great to think great things and achieve great goals . Our efforts must be great to win the great victory . To enjoy the highest position , our dream , our efforts must be the highest .
Youth should realise the things which they have to do . Dreams which they have to fulfill , goals which they have to reach . They should learn to get through all their obstacles and achieve their destination . 
Doctor Abdul Kalam helped the youth in many ways for their realisation of their goals . Once they get the strong interest of reaching their goals nothing on this Earth can stop their potential . 
Hoping that the youth would make the good use of their potential and reach their goals  and reach their destination by crossing all the obstacles keeping in mind the useful paths of Abdul kalam I take a leave . Thank you 
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