Himalayas plays a vital role for India's Development. It stop the foriengn intruders and provides us cool weather and rain. It has formed the India's national mountain system. It helps in protecting Defence. It is a Source of the Rivers, gives fertile soil, Hydroelectricity, and Tourism.
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The Himalaya's play a very significant role in the climatic and even developing aspect of the India like : 

1. The Himalaya's are the home for many of the medical plants here himalayas help in development of the medical aspect. 

2. It supports the industrialization because the alpine forest's it is a source of the paper pulp and even wood for matchsticks. 

3. Hydroelectricity is generated by the perennial rivers which flow and start from the himalayas. 

4. Tourism place and spots like shimala and ninatal, manali etc. bring the revenue and even foreign currency.