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Kabuliwala is a very beautiful story written by Rabindranath Tagore. In this story the narrator is Mini's Father who was a novelist . This story feature the beautiful relationship between the Kabuliwala (Rahmat ) and Mini. Kabuliwala was a pedlar who used to bring dry fruits and other goods that he bought from his country Afghanistan and sell them in India .Kabuliwala was a tall shabbily dressed Afghan , who used to wear a turban on his head and a carry bag over his shouldersand a few boxes of dry grapes on his hands.  Mini was a five year old small talkative girl always burst with questions.  the narrator has described that she never wasted a single second being silent in her life. The first meeting between Mini and Kabuliwala happened when she called him to the house. Mini's fear of kabuliwala of carrying several children like her in the bag subsided when the kabuliwala took out some dry fruits from his bag and offered to Mini   .Over time, Tagore draws out his character as one who forges a bond with the little girl.  Rahmat showered fatherly affection on mini. They both had a strong emotional bonding and true friendship between each other . Mini was everyday  excited to see what was there in kabuliwala's bag.Rahmat was charged for murder and sentenced 8 years of jail. When after 8 years he meets Mini He gets suprised to know that he will never be able to meet her as  she was getting married that day. On seeing Mini the kabuliwala recognised that her own daughter back at afghanistan would must have grown and she would not be the same girl. The relationship between Kabuliwala and Mini is the representation of the relationship between Kabuliwala and her own daughter who was very far from him in Afghanisthan. 
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Intimate friendship was there between Kabuliwala and Mini