HOW DO SCIENTISTS WORK? Inquire - Scientists look at the world and ask questions. I ask myself questions that may be tested through scientific research and investigation. I brainstorm with other scientists about a scientific problem. Research – Scientists research all known information pertaining to their question and/or problem. I read all scientific information that may help to answer my question or solve my problem. Investigate – Scientists conduct investigations to answer questions or solve problems. I design an experiment using available resources to investigate the question or problem. Connect to Prior Knowledge – Scientists add new evidence from scientific investigation and make connections to their existing knowledge. I reflect on my existing knowledge of science and add new information based on evidence from my experiment. Make Predictions – Scientists make a hypothesis about the outcome of the investigation. I make an educated guess based on my existing knowledge and on the outcome of the experiment. Observe & Gather Information – Scientists observe and record observations with an attention to detail. I watch and record what I see, smell, touch, hear, and sometimes taste. Classify - Scientists group together things that are alike in some way to make better sense of their world. I make sense of my observations and findings by organizing it into groups. Make Inferences – Scientists interpret their observations and add to or revise prior knowledge. I organize and analyze my data, make logical conclusions based on the data, and determine if I will add it to my existing knowledge. Model – Scientists use models to explain that which can or cannot be observed directly. I make physical and/or mental models to understand and explain what I observed. Persevere – Scientists look at failure as a natural part of the scientific process. I review my question and reflect on my experiment to determine if it was a success or failure. I try again knowing that failure, although it has not provided what I was looking for, has added to my scientific knowledge. Communicate – Scientists share ideas and information with the scientific community. I communicate with other scientists to share my results and get their help in testing my thinking, understanding, and results. Writing Reading Speaking Listening Making models
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