The x and y axes on a plane is called absicca and ordinate respectively.
generally, the horizontal line represents absicca and the vertical line represents ordinate.
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my maths textbook says that x coordinate is called abscissa and y coordinate is called ordinate.
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so is this answer really wrong
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A point is represented in  a 2-dimentional coordinate geometrical system (like x-y plane) with x-y axes, as  (x , y) . x is called ascissa and y is called ordinate of the point.
Origin of the system is denoted by (0, 0 ).

A point (1 , 2 ) on the graph is plotted by traveling 1 units (small squares) on to the right of origin and then 2 units upwards vertically.    A point (4 , 4) is plotted by finding 4 units to the right of origin on the x axis and then moving upwards 4 units.

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