We had learned from Lord rama's life that "good over evil" which means that good people who always does good things that types of people wins and bad people who wanted to do bad things always fails .. We can learn from his life that during the exile Sita was kidnapped by ravana who was Amar meaning to tell that Ravana was a demon who was enabled to killed by anyone of the Warriors except ram who has a amazing type of power that if any demons or mayavi demons attack him , he can destroy the power and can kill the demon easily..... So when Sita was kidnapped by Ravana . Ram had started to search Sita with the help of monkeys army , hanuman and his own brother Lakshman.... From which they came to know where is Sita by whom she was kidnapped and at last to free his wife Sita he had defeated Ravana and established a new world...... Hope it had helped u and plz plz plz mark it as brainliest plz...