(a) Activity to show evidence for motion of particles: Take two glass beakers. Fill one beaker with hot water and another with cold water. Add KMnO4 crystals in very small amount in both. Hence we observe the motion of particles that , the particles of KMnO4 move fastly in hot water than in cold water.

(b) Activity to show evidence for attraction between particles: Take a piece of iron and a piece of chalk. Try to break them. We come to know that iron is too hard to break. From this , we say that the particles of matter have forces acting between them. That force kept the particles together. The force of attraction between particles is maximum in solids and minimum in gases.

(c) Activity to show evidence for inter particle space: Take a glass beaker. Fill it with water. Measure the level of water with a scale. Add a tea spoon of salt and stir it well. We observe that there is no change in the water level. We can conclude that there exists inter particle space in the substances like water. Inter particle space is more in gases and less in solids.
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