Seeta: Hi Geeta ! What are you thinking about ?
Geeta:Hi Seeta ! Do you know what has happened today morning ? When we woke up from our sleep in the morning we noticed that there was no water flow in our house. 
Seeta:Oh really! Then what did you all do?
Geeta: It was so terrible you know. We were not able to do things properly . It seems like nothing can be possible without water . Our day cannot be started too . I realised that . Hey why dont we have plans of savings it ?
Seeta: That's a great idea ! But what do we do for that ?
Geeta: First let start it from our houses . While brushing our teeth washing our vessels we will not keep the tap open .
Seeta : Yes and then at school we dont let our taps of open and let drops of water be wasted .
Geeta: Yeah! In this way we will save water . And there will be no problems at all related to water . Everybody can get water soon  if our plan spreads widely .
Seeta:Yeah come on lets begin!

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