If I were a prime minister, first I would look back what are all the policies that are taken for welfare of the people previously and how effectively those were implemented and what was it results. If it was not succeeded on implementation, I will analyze for root cause of failure and if necessary will enhance those policies for betterment of the people. Then I will start to implement my short term and long term goals.

Long term Goals : Now a days caste reservation plays a major role in getting seat in school/college. I will try to eradicate caste reservation in education and reduce fee structure by which all classes of people should get their education and gets benefits out of it.

If number of literate people increases in country, there will be un employment problem. For that I would encourage youths to start their own business by getting loan at ease with less interest and flexible pay back schemes which would reduce unemployment problem.

Short term goals: Immediate solution is required for corruption and terrorism and fishermen getting killed in coastal lines. Corruption, which can be avoided by making all transactions and payments to government via online and all signatures and seal can be made digital signature, by which we don't need to wait for long time in any tahsildar office/any government offices for getting signatures by bribing them.

Safety will be ensured in all borders and permanent agreement will be made with near by country for border crossing issues.

Women safety will be ensured in all aspects with empowerment of Police department. Monthly visit to all cities to address all issues faced by people and will try to provide solution to it.