Consequently learn all the questions and answers line to line meanings
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-Read the textbook.Refer to the guide If you happen to possess it.
-Listen to whatever the teacher says,Never doze of during classes :)
-While returning home,Run through you're mind all the things taught in school.
-Reach home,Have a bubbly bath,Eat a lot,Also don't forget to play.It does maintain you're appetite.
-Recall whatever the teacher taught.Read the text again,You'll begin to understand something or the other.Refer with extra books.(Please buy guides.)
-Study whatever the teacher taught the whole week onĀ  weekends.Again!
-Don't stuff you're mind with too much.Little by little makes a whole ocean.
-The brain has a capacity to download the information of 20 full big fat encyclopedias!
-Never try to gain more marks over others.
-Compete with you're self not with others.
-Fall down?Never mind,Kick off the dust and get up again.This time don't walk,RUN!!
-Don't stress over exams,they'll be a piece of cake if you study daily.
-Read extra books and stuff,Try to write competitive exams,might just boost up you're potential.
-Answer during classes,Dunt shy away,Share good thoughts with friends.
-Lessen Tv and computers.Phones too
-Have a phone?Throw the dam*n thing away,far far away to a distant island.
-Delete all twitter,facebook and stuff.
-Don't get distracted by the opposite sex.Too dangerous! Might lead to you're downfall kid.
-Keep in touche with all the subjects!English and Hindi and others.
-If you loose touche with a subject for more than 3 days.You'll eventually loose interest!
-Study daily.Make new friends.Have a friend circle.A BIG ONE!
-Before starting you're curious journey for the school.Jus think of The lord once.Pray twice.Ask things from him,If he does not...NAG HIM!!
-Stay calm and cool and dunt care what the trashy world has to say about you.
-Sarcasm should not scare you.Throw a dam*n reply back at their faces or just ignore!
-You have something special?Have a nice accent?Dramatic qualities?Show them out to the world and ALWAYS NEVER CEASE TO AMAZE PEOPLE!!

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