Solids : 
1. The particles in solids are tightly packed. 
2. The diffusion of solids is really hard.
3. The force of attraction is more in the solids 

Liquid : 
1. The particles in liquids are packed bit loosely when compared to the solids. 
2. The diffusion of liquids is easier when compared to solids. 
3. The force of attraction is medium when compared to solids. 

Gases : 
1. The particles in gases are very loosely packed when compared to the liquids. 
2. The diffusion is lot more easier when compared to that of liquids 
3. The force of attraction is very less in the gases. 
SOLIDS:'solids are tightly packed packed and there rigid. And they are more attractive. Liquids:these are nt tightly packed.and they slightly move as gases.liquid have different shapes of same volume. Gases:these are very loosesly packed. Diffusion takes place.gases and liqids can also be called as fluids.and they have less attractive