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Outlines to write an essay for (a) My favourite teacher :- Name and academic career of My favourite teacher.......Neat and smart class.....Good at teaching....Sweet tempered....Very friendly....Inspires noble ideas..../ . / Outlines to write an essay for (b) My Ambition in Life or My Aim in Life :- Importance of purposeful Life..... Facing life with a clear-cut is a way to success and glory... Different people have different aims. What is your aim? (To be a teacher, or a lawyer, or a doctor, or an engineer, or civil servant, or a bussinessman, or a politician)... How will you pursue your aim? What will you do if you realise your goal?... Conclusion./ . / Outlines to write an essay on (c) an Indian wedding :- An Indian marriage is celebrated with great pomp and show... Great preparations and arrangements... Reception of bridegroom and the marriage party... Marriage solemnized with the bride and bridegroom going round the sacred fire seven times... Much useless expenditure./
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