Mahendra Reddy is a man on a mission.

The Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts is not flustered by his political detractors who are pursuing a propaganda campaign to discredit him and the reforms he is introducing.

While political opponents are busy circulating and spreading  negative comments about him, schools who have benefitted from his reforms are praising him and the Government.

A letter from Naikavaki College in Bua best escapsulates what Mr Reddy has been trying very hard to achieve.

On February 12, 2016, college manager Kamal Virenda Singh, wrote to Mr Reddy.

Mr Singh said: “I would like to acknowledge the effort of the Ministry of Education for all the initiatives in upgrading the facilities in rural schools.

“I am glad that people have realised that the new initiatives and reforms taken on board have made a marked impact in the teaching and learning process.

“Through the development grant in 2015, we have done improvements to most buildings having termite infestation. The immense support from the Ministry of Education is a morale booster for parents and the school management.

“I believe that the things which appeared to be impossible to happen in 10 years time are now happening in a short time span.

“It is not the time for us to talk about changes but to see actual changes which is taking place.

“For all this, I must thank all the directors, permanent secretaries and officials of the Ministry of Education for their concerted effort and the Minister for Education for his leadership. He has set the pace and only those who have the passion to deliver services and the desire to serve will coexist.

“Pouring funds to rural schools like ours will definitely reduce the disparity and make it easier for us to retain students till their complete their primary and secondary education. Improvement in the facilities empowers parents and makes them feel more confident to send their children to the nearest rather than opting for urban schools.

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