APPLICATIONS OF SPECIFIC HEAT
1) The sun delivers a large amount of energy to the earth daily . the water sources on the earth ,particularly the oceans ,absorb this energy for maintaining a relatively constant temperature. the oceans behave like "store house" for the earth. they can absorb large amounts of heat at the equator without appreciable rise in the temperature due to high specific heat of water.
                     Therefore ,oceans moderate the surrounding temperature near the equator ocean water transports the heat away from the equator to closer areas of north and south poles. this transported heat that helps moderate the climates in the parts of the earth that are far from the equator
2) Water melon brought out of the fridge retains its coolness for a long time than any of the fruit because it contains a large percentage of water.( water has high specific heat)
3) A samosa appears to be cool outside but it is hot when we eat it because the curry inside the samosa contains ingredients with high specific heat.