You are watching some children on your class play basketball at the court. A skinny boy with glasses tries to shoot a basket but ends up falling on his face. His glasses break. Some older children begin to laugh at him. The boy can't see very well without his glasses. You want to help him, but if you do, the children may laugh at you.

How do you feel? What should you do?

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I will tell that in this situation nothing is funny. I will make sure they don't laugh at him tooo much. I will take him to aside n ask those older ppl to say sorry. If they don't follow n start teasing him again I will report that matter to higher authorities n ask my frnds to explain them the seriousness of the situation. I will take the boy to medical room to check if he got hurt somewhere.
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I feel angry at the boys for discouraging and hurting a child's sentiment. i wont bother what they think of me i wld help the boy get up and take him to a medic. i will report about the boys to the higher officials.
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