In the body , if the arteries to the lungs get blocked by some kind of blood clotting, wont we be able to breathe?
i have this doubt because even if the arteries are blocked , still the alvolies may get the oxygen from atmosphere and the process may continue and the total circulatory system may collapse and then what may happen?



See, the arteries in the lungs supply blood to them. yea the lungs would be dysfunctional with a blockage in the artery but that would be because of insufficient supply of blood to them resulting in a heart attack. with this blockage the lungs wont b expanding therefore the alveoli wont get the atmospheric air. i hope i cleard ur doubt. feel free to ask me any questions on human anatomy.

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Alvioli would get the oxygen but the arteries would be needed to transfer this oxygen which is not possible due to blockage and then the person would die